Finished my ISYS3000 assignment.

2500 words later (I think it’s a little over, it’s meant to be 2000, but that’s including the headings and references too).


No more assignments for the year! Wheeee!

Nothing for 3 weeks, when I have my exams! Wheeee!

Got Lou to book a holiday house in Noosa for Lloyd, Eri, Lou and I earlier this afternoon. The silly boffins couldn’t decide on a place, after throwing about 500 links around for the last few days. Of course, with my masculine hunter-style mind I managed to peruse the thumbnails of available locations near Hastings street and we ended up booking the first one that I picked. ;)

$275 each for 7 nights. Less than 1km to Hastings street and it’s got its own private pool and beach, along with nearby restaurants and a bus stop. It’s also decked out with facilities such as TV & DVD, even a dishwasher. It has this funky blue kitchen counter and it’s tiled through and even has ceiling fans! Yay for nice and cool floor with air flow during what will probably be the hottest and most humid time of the year!

It should be really good fun, I’m looking forward to going there with the guys.

Can’t remember if I posted earlier or not, Lou missed out on the job at Coke. :( She’ll have to go work for Pepsi now just to get the ultimate revenge.

Spoke to FallenAngel/Brendan, a dude from WAY back on austnet IRC (circa 1997). He randomly messaged me on Trillian’s ICQ (as I wont use normal ICQ) tonight as I was writing up my report. It was good to catch up with Prong Brother 1. Mmm hmm.

Looks like I’m most likely moving out to Newtown in a month or so! Holy cow! Deny (pronounced Danny, but he’s stupid) reckons he’s moving up to Queensland somewhere and he wants to sell some of the furniture/appliances that are already in the flat for some extra cash. Mum said she would probably buy it or something (?? but that suits me) so I can use it. I’m probably getting a flatmate too but I don’t know if that’s meant to be a mystery yet or not and I can’t be stuffed checking.

As usual, I’ve stayed up later than I need to in order to write in this journal. I don’t think I’ve got it in me to a) regularly write; and b) write at a reasonable time. I’ve coped for this long though so it can’t be all bad.

I’ve been playing the World of Warcraft closed beta. It’s pretty fun, I think it’s actually fucking good for an MMORPG (even though I promised myself I’d never play one again). I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll be buying it when it goes retail or not. I’ll have to see what my situation is at the time.

I do have some hot photos from it, though:
Picture one.
Picture two.

Very, very hot.


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  1. in a month!?! :o shiiite.
    then you’ll be faaar away :_(

    but woo :)
    you’ll have enough dosh for it??
    and a random housemate ay? scary.

  2. ~~My Night Elf’s Dad is hotter than your Night Elf’s Dad~~

    Noosa owns, that’s where I got my first and only boomerang – chuck it in your leg, kent. Almost lost it too.

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