My dad just came out of his bedroom (mum and dad sleep in separate rooms because “he snores too much”) naked and raged me for not turning off the air conditioning, then stumbled around in the dark trying to work out how to turn it off.

I’m scarred.

For life.

I don’t know what scares me more, having him running around in the dark raging me whilst naked, or finding out he’s been sleeping naked in his bed all these years…

On to brighter things, I finally bothered getting the new series of Smallville after Ross told me it had started again. So far it’s awesome. Lois Lane (Erica Durance/Parker) is a cool character and is cute too. So is Lana’s new squeeze. Yes, cool and cute. Goodo.

I hope Lou goes well in her job interview tomorrow. I’ll find out in about 12 hours. Whee!


5 thoughts on “OMFG.

  1. Sometimes when my father is cleaning the pool, etc. he gets ‘plumber’s crack’, which I find utterly disturbing.

    … But you saw your father naked! I would so need therapy after witnessing something as distressing as that.

    I hope that, in time, the mental images subside for you! :)

  2. My mum unfortunately confirmed that he’s always slept naked.

    Again, I had a double whammy from learning that.

  3. Did you ever sleep with mum and dad as a child?

    Mummi can I sweep wif you tonite?
    No, go sleep with your father!

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