Of course, I’m sleepy again. I only post in here when I’m sleepy. Maybe that’s why life sounds so boring in here. Maybe I’m just boring though. Whatever.

Had a big bludgy day at uni today. Managed to hit up some Thai Times 9 with Asren and Lou. Also bought some beads for Lou from the Bead Company. Expensive little bastards. That place must make a killing. I took her round to see where our flat on King street is as well. Lots of walking. Whee.

Saturday night was good fun, a nice big gathering of chums (including Helena and Asren, again). We went from Ship Inn to the Australian to the Lowenbrau to Maccas to Ship Inn to Pancakes on the Rocks to home. Lloyd and Eri didn’t soft out for once. It was impressive. Good to see the rest of most of the usual suspects as well.

I’m already in lazy mode for uni, it’s got me worried. I have to buy the text books. I was going to buy them today but the queue was way too long. I also have to pay at least $175 for only two text books. Gotta love that. At least I get a bit of a discount due to my Co-Op membership.

Tomorrow I’m meant to be watching The Big Lebowski with Lou at Manning Bar in the afternoon. I tried to talk Helena in to coming along, too, on Saturday night. Don’t know if she’ll be up for it though. Hmm.

I tried out that Manhunt game by Rockstar. The one where you go around viciously murdering gang members. Some 17 year old killed a 14 year old in America and they’re blaming the game for inspiring him, as the 17 year old enjoyed the game. Personally I think that although the execution videos are very graphic, they still come off a little comical (and entertaining, even; at least from a curiousity standpoint, perhaps) and the gameplay is fairly boring and repetitive. The AI is dodgy and the process of taking them out is simply laborious. If that 17 year old was inspired by the game to kill that 14 year old violently, he’d have to already be pretty fucked up anyway to be able to play the game long enough to be influenced by it. Blame the parenting and the fact that some people are just bad, I say.

I’m really bored lately and just can’t be stuffed doing anything productive, or even counter-productive. I just sort of sit around waiting for something interesting to happen. I really need to start doing some uni work, or preparation for assignments or something.

I hope the bracelet Lou made me is cool, I’m sure it will be. We got some nice dark red beads and a few B-grade garnets, as they’re my birth stone. :) Whee should be good tomorrow.

Palmy and tofu spent most of the weekend making the dot movie. Apparently it’s roughly 400MB to download. I think the dotmaens are getting a special DVD version though that’s higher quality. Should be cool.

Wrists hurting. Waah.