Alright, time for something insightful.


Oh well.

Uni starts again on Monday, wow. My timetable, once again, is retarded:

  • 3 subjects
  • 10-12 alternating hours per week
  • 5 days


Not to mention I have a 3 hour lecture from 2 til 5pm Mondays. Hooray. :(

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy must my timetables consistently suck pus?

I figured I’d use “pus” just then for effect, as it isn’t used enough in language.

<Bad Fast Show impersonation> This week, I’ve mostly been playing Jagged Alliance 2! Wheee. Old games are the goods. Patrician 3 is too damn hard though. I hate trading games. All you end up doing is writing down frigging prices all the times for comparison. Stuff that. :S

I worked today (Saturday, I mean) for the first time in months. It still sucks working weekends. At least the extra money should be nice.

Someone slashed Jimmy’s tyres at work on Friday night… All four of them. Nasty. :O Time to call Inspector Morse.

Not much else going on… I keep putting off doing more weights for almost a fortnight every time I do it. Bad me. :S Laziness would be ok if I was allowed to just sleep the whole time.

I just found this linked indirectly through ‘s lj… I cbf explaining though. hehe

Eyes hurt.


2 thoughts on “Blergh.

  1. Oh wow, I feel famous now!

    P.S. I heard that tofu slashed Jimmy’s tyres. But shhh… you didn’t hear it from me.

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