Gotta start work at 8am tomorrow. Man I’m terrified. That means I should go to bed soon. :S Same again for Tuesday. Weo.

Hunter trip was good, only 20 odd people went but it was fun regardless, a little more intimate, you might say. I didn’t buy any wines as I’m trying to be a bit tight for the moment, until I work out what I’m doing with my HECS with dad. Everyone else I went with got some goods though, so I’ll hopefully scab some of it another time.

I managed to say sober the whole time, not once succumbing to the evil that is wine-abuse. :D Not after last year, Christ…

Saw TISM on Saturday with , after a rare all-you-can-eat dinner at Pizza Hut on George Street. $12 isn’t bad value, but the soft serve machine was broken. :( I didn’t over eat either, so that’s a good thing… Especially when it’s so easy when there’s just pizza and crap everywhere for you to scoff down!

The concert was mad, as I knew it would be. The guys played a few new songs off the album but mostly stuck to the tried and tested classics. The whole theme for the concert was a parody of Australian Idol, complete with three judges sitting at a desk on the stage for most of the show, sometimes getting a chance to speak after a “contestant” (some random girls hanging around off stage) would perform the chorus of the previous song. This usually resulted in the judge dropping the name of the next song to be performed by the band. It was all pretty amusing and joyfully over the top.

Their audience participation was even better than the last time I saw them, twice bringing people on to the stage with them to dance around for a song, or even sing it. On top of that, the four guys not playing instruments came out in to the crowd numerous times, wandering through the mosh pit and even right up to the back of the room to get the crowd dancing with them. Two came right in front of Lou and I, I managed to slap them both in the guts before one of them grabbed her on the shoulder! Needless to say we’re obviously both better people from the experience. >_>

I should also mention just how many stage dives the members attempted, much to the main roadie’s dismay (who was already shitty someone belted the shit out of a microphone stand and bent it) as he tried to pull them all back on to the stage. Some shithead in the crowd managed to pull off one of their masks and as expected, it was just some old fart underneath who wasn’t recogniseable… Man I hate people trying to pull off their masks, it’s so retarded.

Anyway, the diatribe was good but very short; the encore was a bit over 15 minutes and their whole set was just under 90 minutes all up. The support act that we saw (Dos Didos) weren’t particularly entertaining, apparently fascinated by the concept of hard cocks and fucking people up the arse but with a random political song chucked in to make them appear totally lacking in direction. Maybe I’m just corrupted but vulgar lyrics in songs don’t have much shock value for me, they’re simply boring when there’s no focus/humour/anything interesting about the pieces.

Hmm. I’m bored. Bleh. Frustrated at our CoD as well. Meh.

Hope I wake up tomorrow.


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  1. haha Im dumb, I just realised you live in Australia. Dude bring some of your team over to Perth in October for the next WALAN and win the CoD tourney :D

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