We lost another grand final. Wheeeee! Write up.


Oh well. I suppose it’s better coming second than it is coming third. I’m just sick of second.

WineSoc tomorrow. I have to tactfully call in sick to work. keke

Also have to find out about my project subject for next semester at uni. The bastards better let me do it. :S

I feel fat. I’ve lived off bread and chocolate the last two days or something. Mmm.

Might do some weights before bed. BUFF!

Have to get up at like 4am. Ugh.

Then again I stayed up all night on Monday til past noon on Tuesday. Woke up in the afternoon to TISM getting interviewed on Today Today on triple j. I’m seeing them on Saturday with ! Wheee! Should be good fun. bl to who chickened out on coming.

I forget if I mentioned the White Albun arrived last week. Last Thursday in fact, I believe. I probably did as I saw Spider-Man 2 that night as well. :O

Here’s a snippet of the goodies in the collector’s edition:

Includes rare early footage of the band, previously unheard songs such as Got A Root Out Of It, as well as every TISM video clip EVER, including the rarely-seen I Might Be A Cunt, But I’m Not A Fucking Cunt.


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