Can’t see properly. Wrists hurt. Mentally fatigued.

I just wrote the most rambling, sorry-arse piece of crap reply to Gus‘ journal. Sorry. :S


TISM are on tour again soon, with a new album coming out June 23rd. I pre-ordered the White Albun triple disc set. Hopefully tofu doesn’t soft out of the concert on July 9 that I’ll be going to with Lou!

I’ve been abusing those lj user tags tonight, eh? \o/

Let’s see… Assignments due. bgz. At least I don’t have to stress about getting my NETS3007 assignment due ASAP. Capitals look stupid like that but at least it’s formal, in my informal-yet-neat-casual writing style.

CoD grand final versus immunity next Thursday. Should be good fun. We rolled m8 on mp_brecourt 18-2. Writeups all at team.dot. Bonza.

Man it gets cold in here at night. Strange really, you’d think having my legs under a desk would sort of warm them up since it’s a confined area and all. Then again I always sucked at physics so what would I know?

I just realised I had more mp3s sitting around in my *cough*downloaded*cough* folder. FORTUNATELY THEY’RE FREE MP3S FROM BANDS RELEASING THEM ONLINE! Yes, indeed. Just like the “unlocked demo” of Thief 3 I tried out tonight.


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  1. is the 9th in the middle of wine soc or is it the day we get back? i have mind fatigue 2.
    btw you know that my friends uncle is the bass player in TISM right? i’ll find out his name and you can shout it out in a “Go Barry!” sort of way and be all VIP in your ultra special knowledge.

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