redknob is a radioactive squirrel!!

From Go-Quiz.com

Yeah real cool!

I could really go a backrub right now, … Pfft.

Let’s see. CoD semi final tomorrow, exciting! Hope we get it done right.

Seeing Lou tomorrow, looks like we’re going to Parramatta for a DVD hunt and some Cold Rock (sorry, the site is totally retarded). Mmmm fatty.

It’s getting pretty cold and dark. I’d like it if I was still playing rugby I think… I’m not sure why. Probably because I found it easier to play when it wasn’t hot and sunny. Probably.

I need to cut my nails…

Woo yeah almost forgot, toffee fixed up my teamdot email password for me, I wonder what it was? Silly old me forgetting the new one I was assigned, then the mail admin server being down so no one could fix it. Wunderbar!

I have to start getting some work done for uni, again.


Winamp is still lame. It crashes on me for no apparent reason. Back to nnscript’s mp3 player it is!

On that “note” (LLLLLLLLLLLLLOL), I feel the need for more songs. I also need Optus to get a clue and stop dropping out like it seems its mail is.

Oh well.