Aaron and Genevieve (I think that’s how she spells it) came down this weekend, to catch a possum or two. Woot. I think they got one of them. Hopefully they got the other one, I wasn’t paying much attention.

Had a few milkshakes and all that. Mmmm calories.

Let’s see. Started up Baldur’s Gate again, man there’s so much going on in it at the moment that just thinking about all the quests I want to do tires me. Too many distractions, taking away from the main storyline. I suppose I could ignore most of them but I just can’t bring myself to do it in RPGs. Hmm.

Played the Guild Wars demo thingy. Was pretty fun I suppose. Hopefully they add more too it though, otherwise it’s just like Diablo-cum-Neverwinter.

I need a shower. Pee-yeuw.

Smallville is still leet. Shame the ratings don’t think so. Hmm.

Let’s see.

Got my assignments done in time. Yay. Now just more will come in and fuck me up again. Yay.

Bugger this. I’m gonna go make a milkshake or something.


3 thoughts on “Ladedah.

  1. I didn’t like spellcasting in Guild Wars only being able to ‘equip’ 8 spells at once – I need more damnit!

  2. You can use the skill gems to enable more.

    Having 8 spells reminds me of EQ.

    I suppose you’ll get rarer and rarer skill gems that do the same thing (well I figure that’s what’ll happen eventually) just more effectively, then you can cull down the rest!!!

    Either that, or because it loads a unique dungeon for a soloer/group you will have some idea of what mobs you’ll be facing so before you deploy you can pick the 8 most relevant skills.

  3. Yeah you can only have a 9th skill with gems, and gems need to be charged.. and you need to charge gem chargers, which costs money OMG CAN YOU SAY TIMESINK

    It got nothing on ffxi ;)

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