Finished my stupid ISYS3015 document. Wassup 15% down the drain… :(

Nah, I’m expecting 8/15 at the WORST. It seriously can’t be too bad… :/ I hope.

Now I have to get up in like 3 hours to make sure I get in on time so that I can submit it on time. So gay.

Typically, they didn’t ask for a student signature on the work… Doesn’t that sort of leave it all open to big problems? For example, someone could totally plagiarise other work, submit it, get caught, then deny it was their work because they never signed it (so to infer someone else submitted it under their name) so they can’t link it back to them? Hell, I’d accept that as an excuse, just on sheer technicality.

Don’t suppose you can expect too much though from some course organisers… Ah well.

Damnit, I have to sleep. Didn’t work today on the promise that I’d work tomorrow, gay. Mary wants my CD holder bag thing too, dunno why I said I’d give it to her, I kind of want to keep it. Now I’ve worked my way in to a corner, since she asked about it today as well… Guess I’ll just say I’ve decided I like it and want to keep it, then buy her one as a present or something to make up for it, I dunno. Fuck it. :/