My eye still hurts. It’s starting to spread to the other one a little bit. Got a tummy bug as well tonight. Missed my first NETS3007 tute because I was doing a workcover interview that went an hour late. Couldn’t go to the Greengate tonight to see people because I’m sick. On top of all that I’m playing CoD like a noob at the moment and it’s shitting me. ><

I suppose I'd better go to work tomorrow, since I called in sick on Monday night and all. If I get another attack of the cramps though at work it mightn't be a good idea…

I should probably try starting my assignments for uni, and checking out what else I have coming up. Now that I'm technically a mature-age student (I think?) I'm meant to be more organised, I suppose…

Mum's kidney still hurts and dad's eyes are still fucked.

Things are looking up!