Due to my computer being ratshit ever since I got home from my trip, I’ve been putting off posting in here until I got it back from the shop.

Two weeks later, I still have no PC. Well done to the repairman. Apparently, I should be getting it back tomorrow afternoon, but I’m not particularly confident after all this time.

Anyway, I was intending to post all about my trip to Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Singapore. Instead I don’t know if I can be stuffed now. Basically, I loved it. Lots of interesting things to see, do, taste and touch. :)

I also have to upload pictures from my trip off my camera on to the PC.

I guess I’ll try and do it all properly when I get it back.

For the mean time:

  • We’ve been winning our CoD matches on the GA ladder. We passed a disputed result as well after both myself and dozer’s demos were viewed by a GameOp.
  • I miss my PC.
  • I went to Lou’s SFK friend’s picnic in Parramatta park yesterday, then saw her friend in a little production called Four Play at the Riverside theatre.
  • We’re going back on Wednesday night to see Puppetry of the Penis.
  • Uni has started, I’m going ok. Driving in mostly.
  • I’ve cut back my hours at work to accomodate for uni.
  • Ross owes me $430 in rent. Other people owe me $140 all up in winesoc tickets.
  • Winesoc dinner at the Little Snail is on this Thursday.

I think that’s enough for now.