Just got back from a little Christmas party at Kirsty’s… Was nice. Good food. I’m so full I feel I have an excuse for tactical bullemia.

Still not 100% sure what I’m doing on new year’s eve… It’ll be a dilemma to get the plan I’ve got intended in to action! :O

Vortex again this Saturday night it seems. Hopefully I enjoy myself again. Hope it isn’t too hot that night/next morning as I’ll have to wear black just to mix in easily, which is fantastic in summer weather. :(

Man, I feel the urge to burp, piss and crap all at the same time I’m so full. :O

Ross still hasn’t come out of his room for the last 5 days or so. He’s shut himself in there with his webcam and phone and does nothing but spade those two Canadian chicks. The flat is a mess and I’m waiting for him to leave before I clean it up. Go me.

Damn I’m full. ><