Been a while I know, I know…

Caught up with 2 distant ladies that I haven’t spoken to in a while, Linzi and Loz. What’s with girls names starting with L… I know too many in that situation and it’s kind of creepy. :o

My cousin (although I call him uncle) Grant is back from the UAE… Saw him last night when I took Lou back home from dinner. He’s well and all that. Gonna see him and the rest of the family-friend gang on Saturday at Joyce’s. Rock on.

Burnt out the clutch on my car last week. >_< $407 all up for it to be fixed. Dad generously offered to pay half of it. I kind of feel bad about it but I don't think I can resist, money is money after all.

I've realised lately that I haven't really been playing games much, I just spend a lot of time chatting and being bored in front of the PC. When I do actually play it's usually just for pracs/matches in ET…

To combat this, I've started reading a bit more. I just polished off The Firm after it started humbly as my dunny-book of the moment… Now I'm on to Catch Me If You Can… I think it's no coincidence that the books Ross has around the flat have close relations to Hollywood movies… Hmm.

Things seem pretty cruisy of late. I pre-enrolled at Uni last Friday, so I'm definitely going back next year. I think I have to sort out my pre-enrolment places before the 14th, while there's still time!

Nothing particularly interesting has happened that I can think of. Went on the WineSoc cruise last Wednesday around the harbour. Was nice but nothing exceptional… Oh, well, it was sponsored by Subway… Yes, a wine cruise with free subs… I don’t get it either but I’m not one to complain when free subs are on offer!

GameArena is having it’s final RTCW match tonight, the grand final between BlackJack and iMmunity. iMmunity are the big favourites but hopefully BlackJack can pull something out of the bag. It’ll be really sad seeing RTCW finally die out… I’ve spent almost 2 years of my life playing it, and I have nothing but fond memories of what I believe is one of the greatest team-based FPS games in the history of multiplayer. :(

Oh yeah, I heard Robert Palmer died. bl.