No pressure.

Thanks 4. :P

Well the flat is still going nicely. I really should go for another run tonight, don’t know if I will though because I just feel sleepy and it’s kinda comfy sitting here doing nothing.

Ross has gone off to uni again, he should be back in a couple of hours. Man I bet he thinks I constantly keep knocking them out as soon as he shuts the door behind him. :/ How crap is that? Maybe I should tell him I give him at least a 5 minute clearance… :o

I really want a fireplace or something like a heater or god knows what to warm up this damn flat. Ah well. I’ve sort of adapted to the cold and it makes me stronger like Christina Aguilera so it can’t be all bad. :P … Shaddup.

Beyonce is hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwt! O_O


We’re having dotlaen at my place. :o Should be exciting and cozy and I have no doubt there’ll be plenty of fudge packing going on left right and centre… Actually I’d best make sure Ross doesn’t bring his boyfriend over to prevent that from happening… Hmm.

I’m eating alright. Ross isn’t a bad cook. I still do the washing up but I don’t mind doing it actually.

We believe that all of our neighbours think we’re a gay couple… It might have something to do with all the loud cries of “SUCK MY DICK, YOU FAG” occurring randomly at all hours of the day, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just the rampant touchy feely business we get up to in front of the kitchen window. I hope the peeping tom neighbours like it when we wave mid-act.

Went to a BBQ at Byrne’s yesterday, was pretty cool… Knocked back a couple of vegetarian sausages, note not soy ones, just vegetarian, but they didn’t taste like any vegetable I know of… Beats me too. :/

GameArena’s fourth RTCW season began today. Hopefully the dotmaens can retain first position on the ladder, even though we’re concentrating more on the Cyber X Games which occur in January… We should be able to go. I just have to get my passport finalized… Hrm. I don’t want to get interviewed by some weird dude just to get a passport… Oh well. Meh.

That’ll do knob, that’ll do.