What title?

What a week!

Hit the winesoc tour to the Hunter again this year, was pretty good! Caught up with Craig again and met two cool chicks called Helena and Linzie, random pics hosted here.

Was a pretty good trip! Got newted on the first night and didn’t drink for the rest of the trip though, in fear that I might lose my stomach again… :/

Bought some vino too, nice bottle of muscat and a bottle of port… Also scored a bottle of sparkling shiraz for my efforts on Monday night. Woot!

Had a day and a half back at home during which I installed as much crap as I could on my PC for ivLAN.

That lasted for 2 nights at Newcastle Uni, was also really fun. Had the pleasure of picking up dotmaen fatphil from his house way down in Sutherland (:O) and giving him a lift. hehe. Fatty is funny.

Scored heaps of mp3s and some games and other random crap (no porn though, sorry :P) at the LAN. I always feel like such a noob typing LAN in capitals, but formal spelling owns me. :s

Oh yeah I guess I should mention I left LoA and joined dot, full time. :/ Much lub to the LoA crew, as always. Look out for my pro gaming rage now though! :O

Weird Al Yankovich owns it up. :D