Me am hungy.

Stupid day two of the gay diet… Only ate a dozen GROSS green beans at work, cuz we had no celery, and a carrot for my main break… JOY.

Soup is still nice enough, but after having it for breakfast this morning and dinner again tonight it’s getting a bit samey. The jacket potato was pretty good since it was baked and we could put a little butter on it… I made a mash out of it, not too bad at all. Maybe my tastebuds are just biased though at the moment, I mean, wouldn’t you think butter + baked jacket potato taste tops after eating green beans and a carrot all day?

Hmm. I wonder what I can eat for day 3. Water is really starting to shit me.

Now I crave garlic bread and waffles… Oh how I long for a waffle. :(

P.S. Raize is cool.

P.P.S. Yay we won (finally) in round 3 of the NZ Wolf Competition… Poor old Syn could only field 5 players, and we’re pretty good at Assault so it only made it worse for them.

Yar the banditos!