Stupid "profiles"

Did the test Lou had on her journal, here are my results.

Test Results

You think of yourself as being strength, control, attention, and alert.
Others think of you as being sleek, graceful, pretty, and sleepy.
Your relationships can be described as wet, salty, cold, and polluted.
When stressed, you feel blinded.

Take this test here.

God those things are stupid. hahaha
If you’re wondering how I got those results, the first part asked me to describe my favourite colour (red) in 4 words. The second part asked me to describe my favourite animal (cat) in 4 words. The third part asked me what my favourite body of water was (??? I just said the Pacific ocean, cuz that’s the only beach I’ve been to. :o) and to describe it in 4 words, once again. The fourth part asked me how I would feel if I was in a room that was totally white, with no windows or doors, just white everywhere.

So yeah, definitely tapped in to something Freud would be proud of, I’m sure.