Too much liquorice… Well, you can never have too much, but I’ve had quite a bit. Ho hum.

Got my little wart frozen by some liquid nitrogen, stung a little bit but it should die in a couple of days… Oh the joy.

Also saw the man about my PC, not sure how long it will take to get it made but hopefully not too long. :)

On top of all that action, mum took me to get my passport photos done… Now we just need the forms sent out to us so I can renew it… The pictures came out pretty well, me am teh sexah!@! kekek ^_^


I finished reading Harry 5! Yay. It’s cool man. Can’t believe Harry died at the end though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or not.


Dot lost their QuakeCon qualifier. :( Doubts as to whether we’ll be able to go at all now. :/ Ah well.

Got work in 55 minutes… Ahh! Need to have a shower. Hmm.

Ross came over to drop off dad’s tools last night… Then we went on a walk for like 2 and a half fucking hours… My legs are still sore. :x

Mmm. Bought the tastiest biscuits on the way though. :D If I find a link to them I’ll put it up hehehe.

Still only half way through Harry Potter 5… Haven’t had a good chance since Sunday to just sit down and read the bastard through. Cool book though. :)

Ho hum. Poor Loulou is studying… :'( Glad I deferred. :D Hm.

Going to see the man about getting a new computer tomorrow… Also probably gonna try getting a new passport. Maybe even get dad to burn this mystery wart off my leg! :o Tasty, I know. >_>

v55 for now then.